Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

Teaching resources about fertility

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What we did

  • Focus groups
  • Workshop
  • Distribution strategy and plan
  • Making a concept for and developing the teaching resources
  • Creative universe
  • Website
  • Video
  • Speed drawing movie
  • Test
  • Press
  • Social media
  • Writing texts
  • Survey
  • Evaluation

In the Danish upper secondary schools, the students are normally being taught how to avoid pregnancy. However, Danes are not having as many children as they would like today, which is one of the reasons why the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food and the Ministry of Health wanted to focus on teaching the students about fertility. Publico developed and produced the cross-disciplinary teaching resources called MaybeBaby

MaybeBaby is an online teaching resource that educates the students on factors such as age, smoking, alcohol and endocrine disruptors, which may influence fertility in a negative way. By using tests, speed drawing movies, cases and videos featuring fertility experts and students, the teacher can zoom in on the many dilemmas associated with fertility and make the students reflect on them.

MaybeBaby was launched in Spetember 2015.

Selected Cases