From Grene to Kramp

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  • Analysis
  • Workshops
  • Creative concept
  • Core story
  • Visual identity
  • Branding strategy
  • Text creation
  • Roadshow package
  • Video
  • Online newsletters
  • Magazine
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Press relations
  • Advice & sparring

Grene, the leading Danish spare parts and accessories specialist for the agricultural and industrial sector merged in 2013 with the Dutch wholesaler Kramp. In order to strengthen the market position and expertise in the European market and across the Nordic region, the two brands were brought together in 2017 under the name Kramp. 

International rebranding campaign
After 100 years with the name Grene, it was a huge step to change the company name to Kramp in the Nordic region. Publico was responsible for analysis, mapping of internal and external stakeholders, as well as employee workshops to create brand ambassadors. In addition, we were responsible for everything from the brand's new visual identity, branding strategy and the company's new core story.

Publico produced a variety of different materials for internal use such as FAQ, fact sheets, a roadshow package, video material and information emails. For external use, we compiled newsletters, advertisements and web texts, as well as being responsible for distribution on social media and the overall Nordic press relations.

Supported by Publico's focus on informing, engaging and reassuring both employees and customers, the rebranding of Grene to Kramp was highly successful.

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