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Please contact Esben Würtz Sørensen, if you would like to know more about the case.

What we did

  • Media mapping
  • Professional discussions and consultancy
  • Finding and developing angles for the stories
  • Press releases
  • Press communication

It is not every day that we see the launch of a site in which people can search on 1,25 million owner-occupied homes in Denmark – and not just the 70,000 homes that are typically for sale. is a website that aims at providing Danish homeowners with a greater insight into their home and housing economy. To make the site a success, it was essential to have many users.

Therefore, the four Danish banks behind (Spar Nord, Sydbank, Arbejdernes Landsbank and Nykredit) asked Publico to provide them with help and professional discussions about the PR tasks regarding the launch of the site.

Publico helped with consultancy, press releases, versioning and press communication in connection with the launch.

The result? Just hours after the official launch of the website, thousands of Danes had visited the site. The number of visitors continued, which meant that 250,000 people had visited the site in less than two weeks.

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