Aberdeen: One of the world’s leading asset management companies

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  • PR efforts
  • Press relations
  • Text creation
  • Sparring and advice

In 2016, Publico entered into an agreement with Aberdeen Asset Management, which in the following year merged with Standard Life to create Standard Life Aberdeen. Today Publico advises the company’s investment branch Aberdeen Standard Investments in all press- and PR-related matters in Denmark.

Aberdeen Standard Investments is currently the largest active asset management company in the UK (as of June 30th, 2019) and a global leader with offices in 28 countries handling. To maintain such a position requires solid press relations and an ongoing sparring partner.

Brand awareness and sparring partner
To create greater brand awareness for Aberdeen Standard Investments in Denmark and spread knowledge of the company's core competencies, Publico is tasked with maintaining a targeted and business-supportive PR effort.

Among other things, Publico has the role of spotting stories and trends in the financial and investment world, where Aberdeen Standard Investment's employees can be seen as expert sources providing relevant knowledge and analyses - for example on the popularity of sustainable ESG investments.

At Publico, we also advise Aberdeen Standard Investments in their communications with the Danish business press and draw up PR solutions to best fit the particular story or situation.

Aberdeen Standard Investments is the investment arm of Standard Life Aberdeen plc.

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